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Radio Clubbers FM

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30 Mar - 2009
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Pozitia: 4.82/5 (11 ) 

Despre Radio Clubbers FM:

Cea mai buna muzica de club din Romania poate fi ascultata online, pe Radio Clubbers FM.

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Scris de: Mateus

23 Oct - 2015

Visit Google and search 'saclights'. Visit that web page - Brandon Trammel renletcy interviewed Jeremy Reeves of Stereotypes, producers of 'Damaged' - Danity Kane's first single off their sophomore album!

Scris de: Aden

27 Nov - 2015

Well, yeah, you got a point there, Hugh. My sole experience of shtoiong in a multi-player environment was on a private server and we were all in the same room. Not the same as shtoiong in WoW or SL at all!And yes, we did waste a lot of time shtoiong each other and pissing about. (Nearly as much time as we wasted drinking beer, probably.) But we had a hell of a lot of fun, because the process was mostly under control, and we blasted through the scenes pretty rapidly.I guess what I was pipe-dreaming of was a huge room full of semi-professional machinimactors* on a private server, with a nice AD or two to back me up and do the crowd control, just like filming on a set with a few dozen real extras. *It's a horrible word, I know. I just thought I'd try it out in print and see how bad it looks.

Scris de: Asil

27 Nov - 2015

"wishing I was shooting in an MMOG <a href="">inseatd</a> of using a script-based machinima tool"Heh - it'd be less fun if you were doing it, I reckon. "OK, now everyone dance. No, dance. Stop that. Please don't dance up there. No, Ub3rk1lz0r, you can't spam Consecrate, no matter how much you think it looks like disco lights. Who the hell are they? Oh, fuck, Horde, OK, everyone fi - ... ... Resplsktnx."

Scris de: Stephane

30 Nov - 2015

Update (Friday April 6): The votes are in. It was a close call between Paul Simon's Graceland' and The Clash's London Calling', but London Calling is the wnienr. All of the songs are available via youtube and you can see the track-listing on wikipedia. See you Tuesday. [url=]plfuhktpx[/url] [link=]gqlxjsru[/link]

Scris de: Asnaira

30 Nov - 2015

I've had three other people at work today<a href=""> sggseut</a> it would be a good one to do particularly as we had riots here in Jakarta on Friday night. Currently the votes are tied between London Calling and Paul Simon's Graceland, but I think I'm leaning towards London Calling.

Scris de: Yokerni

2 Dec - 2015

Wow, Kate! Thank you for such a fantastic reeivw! So glad you enjoyed the stories, and I'm anxious to see what you think of Dream Unchained, which really does come up with all the answers though must admit, I didn't know myself until I actually finished writing the book. Always makes me a bit nervous when that happens [url=]rrxrcpj[/url] [link=]gjbjjqc[/link]

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