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Radio Adonai

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30 Mar - 2009
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Pozitia: 3.33/5 (18 ) 

Despre Radio Adonai:

Radio Adonai este un post de radio crestin din Romania. Cu programe de discutii si muzica religioasa.

Acest post de radio a fost ascultat (accesat) de 37 ori. Daca vrei sa afli mai multe despre Radio Adonai da click aici pentru a vizita pagina oficiala a radioului.


Scris de: timeea LARISA

7 Aug - 2009


Scris de: Sikender

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Scris de: HiCham

11 Jul - 2013

I\'m sorry, but I\'m not sure if I understand this <a href=\"\">coeclrtry</a>. The gargoyles are dying, yes? And obviously the writer does not understand that a doctor of Jurisprudence may not be able to help with that. A veterinarian, that\'s what he\'s looking for, or a doctor of theology, maybe. Definitely NOT jurisprudence, though.Dumbass.

Scris de: Mark

23 Oct - 2015

It's an Advent hymn, not sung once the liturgical year swngis 'round again to the Vigil of Christmas, or Christmas Eve.It's probably Syriac, not really "western" at all. Like much of the liturgical and monastic traditions that came to define "western" Christianity, it's from the heart of what we now call the Middle East...the place were Christianity has largely been exterminated.There is some speculation that the Koran began life as a Syriac liturgy from that area. But don't say anything - the Nuclear Reactors responsible for annihilating Middle Eastern Jews and Christians might "take offense"...and there goes the neighborhood.

Scris de: Lilian

23 Oct - 2015

I love that Habbukuk passage and so many times Father has<a href=""> redmnied</a> me of the Matthew passage. The Habbakuk passage I got a melody to and my children would call it my trouble song because I sang it a lot when I was going through a very difficult time in life many years ago. It is a good way to memorize a passage of scripture.Love and shalom,Serena

Scris de: Pavel

25 Oct - 2015

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Scris de: Chocho

26 Oct - 2015

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Scris de: Sue

28 Oct - 2015

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Scris de: Scarlett

27 Nov - 2015

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Scris de: Krzysztof

27 Nov - 2015

YES.We heard about it. It is true.The matching and the looicatn plus the circumstances surrounding the amazing discovery goes to prove the authenticity of the Bible, the power in the redeeming sacrifice through the shed blood of Jesus Christ and the imminence of the second coming of Jesus Christ. How can a person escape eternal loss if the salvation perfected through Jesus Christ is rejected? Thank you for your comments, Please, keep in touch.There is power in the blood of Jesus!

Scris de: Septiana

27 Nov - 2015

Gloria, Lori Ciccanti just sent me to Penned From the Heart. Imagine my surprise when I saw this was your<a href=""> wbsiete</a>. Just read your prayer, need I say it spoke to me Thanks for posting it. Is Penned From The Heart still being published? The guidelines said they were for 2009, so I thought I'd ask you. Am probably coming to WS XXI and will likely see you there. Blessings, Cass

Scris de: Juan

30 Nov - 2015

Cass, great to hear from you. We almost have the web site ready for regttirasion for One Day Conference. Penned is still being published by Son-Rise Publications. Jana Carman is the editor/compiler. Don't know where you found the 2009 guidelines, but the ones on this site should be current. Submit to Jana and she'll let you know if she needs changes. [url=]nwlenefuy[/url] [link=]xznxvqvekig[/link]

Scris de: Ayo

30 Nov - 2015

I'm sorry, but I'm not sure if I understand this<a href=""> clcrertoy</a>. The gargoyles are dying, yes? And obviously the writer does not understand that a doctor of Jurisprudence may not be able to help with that. A veterinarian, that's what he's looking for, or a doctor of theology, maybe. Definitely NOT jurisprudence, though.Dumbass.

Scris de: Antje

2 Dec - 2015

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